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Project Partner

Adana Hacı Sabancı OSB

Process and Operation Consulting
WWTP operation consulting
WW Analysis
Monthly Reports

ARC Su Arıtma

Project Partner

Arçelik Pakistan Factory

Wastewater Source: White Goods
Flow: 100 m3/day
Process: Biological Treatment – MBR

Aspect Chemicals Qatar

Process and Project Consulting
Equipment & Instrument Supply

AVES Oil Factory

Wastewater Source: Mix Oil Production
Flow: 1000 m3/day
Process: DAF Revision – Biological Treatment
Capacity Inncreasement – Chemical Treatment

AVES Oil Factory

Process and Operation Consulting
-WWTP Operationn Consulting
-WW Analysis
-Monthly Reports

Green Chemicals

Wastewater Process and Project Consulting

GÜBRETAŞ Hatay Fabrikası

Wasterwater Source: Sintine Wastewaters
Flow: 5 m3/day
Process : DAF + Filtration


2 x 4 m3/h RO Unit
Well Water Treatment

Indorama Çorlu – Build-Operate-Transfer

15 m3/h Wastewater Re-Use Plannt
Adsorband + RO
Re-used ww are using for Coolinng Tower Make-up water

Kalibre Boru Poland - KALPOL

Wastewater Source: Metal Pipe Production&Painting
Flow: 15 m3/day
Process: Chemical Treatment +
Adsorption (COD Removal) +
Biological Treatment (MBR)

Koluman Tarsus

Wastewater Source: Automotive
Flow: 240 m3/day
Process: DAF + Filtration


Automatic pH Control System Supply


Wastewater Source: Fish Process
Flow: 50 m3/day
Process: Chemical Treatment and
Biological Treatment Revision +

Osmaniye Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration

Wastewater Source: Municipal
Flow: 50000 m3/day
Biological Treatment (Trickling Filter)
Wastewater Treatment Plant O&M

Lesaffre – Özmaya Ceyhan

Wastewater Source: Yeast Production
Flow: 1000 m3/day
Process: Chemical Treatment + Colour Removal Process

Ova Oluklu

Process and Operation Consulting
-WWTP Operation Consulting
-WW Analysis
-Monthly Reports

Sadamir Narenciye

Wastewater Source: Citrus
Flow: 200 m3/day
Process: Chemical Treatment

OMNIA Starch

Wastewater Source: Starch Production
Flow: 5000 m3/day
Process: Biological Treatment–
MBR + Sludge Dryer Unit

Vogue Hotel Bodrum

Wastewater Source: Hotel
Flow: 2000 m3/day
Process: Biological Treatment (MBBR) + Filtration + Garden Irrigation

KAVAKLIDERE Water Treatment Plant

Drinking Water Treatment Plant Commissioning and Operation
-365.000 m3/day

Gündoğdu Gıda Salihli OSB

Wastewater Source: Cheese Production
Flow: 600 m3/day
Process: DAF + Decanter

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