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Atech Water Treatment and Accredited Laboratory

We care about water; we supply technical support with the light of engineering, science and technology.

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Our Services

Industrial Wastewater Treatment (Turnkey)

Municipal Wastewater Treatment (Turnkey)

New Tech Sludge Solutions

Waste Gas and Odour Treatment

Process Advisor and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation

Domestic Water and Process Water Treatment

Biogas Plants and Energy Production

Accredited Laboratory Services

Why Atech Proses ve Laboratuvar?

The said engineering services, by us, in pilot reactors, has been repeatedly experinced in large-scale facilities. Having a wastewater treatment plant may seem like a cost. Companies that serve in this field can also offer different process solutions.

  • Each wastewater has got its own character,
  • The problem has more than 1 solution and technology.
  • If WWTPT connstructed without determining wastewater character it won’t show reality. Although initial investment cost are low, operating costs can be high.
  • It takes expertise to decide the most useful for problem with multiple technological solutions.
  • Wastewater treatment plants, which seem like costs, cann turn into facilities that benefit from biogas production. Expertise required!

The engineering services we provide as ATECH are advancing in this vision. We always work with companies that we have the opportunity to work with. We act with the principle of solution partner.

How about working with us ?

We always act with the solution partner principle with the companies we have the opportunity to work with. Contact us to work with us.

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