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Industrial Wastewater Treatment (Turnkey)

Wastewater is a job that needs to be brought to the criteria set by the regulations before it is given to the receiving area in industrial facilities and must maintain continuity in the correct operating / management conditions while doing so. ATECH; is a treatment company that has adopted the principle that each wastewater has its own character and that every wastewater can be treated with its own unique solutions. In this context, ATECH proceeds according to the following processes while providing industrial wastewater treatment services.

  • Taking composite samples and collecting data
  • Performing pilot plant work if necessary
  • Determination of wastewater character by laboratory studies
  • KOI fractions
  • Inhibition effects
  • Extraction of bacterial kinetics
  • Dynamic modeling of wastewater in international model programs (Biowin)
  • Creation of wastewater-specific process flow chart
  • Proposal study by subtracting investment and operating costs

It is a working method for us that the above studies should be carried out in order to be able to look from a customer point of view while producing solutions for wastewater services and to explain that the solution is not always the cheapest method. Because we know that there is more than one solution and more than one technology in wastewater treatment. In this process, those who will take the customer to the right;

  • Getting to know wastewater
  • Finding the optimum solution according to the facility
  • Investment + Operating costs comparison (Life cycle)
  • To create competitive projects and to build facilities that will be operated for many years.

ATECH produces solutions for its customers in the field of industrial wastewater treatment in automotive, food, textile, chemistry, paper and other sectors through the solutions described above. ATECH Aritim can design and install the following biological and chemical process applications.

  • MBR (Membrane Bioreactor – Membran Biyoreaktör)
  • MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor – Hareketli Yatak Biyofilm Reaktör)
  • SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor – Ardışık Kesikli Reaktör)
  • Anaerobik Arıtım ( UASB – Anaerobic Contact Reactor )
  • Chemical Treatment
  • DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation – Çözünmüş Hava Flotasyonu)
  • API Seperatörü ve CPI (oil removal process)

Municipal Wastewater Treatment (Turnkey)

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

ATECH provides its customers with reinforced concrete and package treatment methods in areas that need domestic wastewater such as small and medium-sized mass housing, hotels, factories, and municipalities.

Process Advisor and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation

With the process consultancy provided by ATECH Aritim, it is ensured that the facilities that can already work more efficiently are operated in the real character. What do we know? and How do we do it? Because we know that; Wastewater character is the most important criterion in business optimization. In this context, we model the facility by removing the wastewater character. We determine optimum operating conditions by creating model outputs at peak loads and normal operating conditions. In this way, we minimize the operating costs of our wastewater treatment, which our customers are unable to return and see as continuous expenses.

ATECH provides services to its customers, who have existing wastewater treatment plants, with its experienced staff in operating the wastewater treatment plant.

  • Plant operating responsibility
  • Personnel procurement, maintenance service, supply of consumables, wastewater analysis, monthly activity reports etc. service jobs
  • Plant optimization studies
  • -Optimization studies to model the facility and reduce operating costs within the scope of process consultancy service
  • -Reducing chemical consumption, choosing the right chemical, regular jar test studies
  • -Reducing energy consumption; Modeling of biological treatment and removal of bacterial kinetics and application of optimum operating conditions to the field. Integration of energy efficient equipment and online process tracking devices according to current technologies
  • Creation of equipment maintenance cards within the scope of preventive maintenance works

Domestic Water and Process Water Treatment

Urban and industrial water needs are increasing day by day in our country as well as in the world. ATECH provides the following services in this context.

  • Domestic drinking water treatment plant design and installation
  • Industrial process water design and installation

Within the scope of both services, ATECH offers its customers solutions specific to water and process needs with the same approach as in wastewater.

Biogas Plants and Energy Production

Due to the high carbon content of both wastewater and biodegradable wastes, the production of biogas with anaerobic digestion methods is applied in many points in the world and in our country. ATECH provides service with its solutions in industrial wastewater treatment plants for biogas production.
Anaerobic treatment; It provides biogas, which is an efficient and usable by-product, as a result of the correctnesses to be made in the design, investment and operation process. The production of biogas does not mean that it is directly usable. First of all, the hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas in the biogas content must be treated.


  • Biogas plant installation
  • Executing Treatment of biogas
  • Biological desulphurization
  • H2S removal with adsorption method
  • Chemical desulphurization

Provides services in its subjects.

Waste Gas and Odour Treatment

Odor Removal Systems are used to reduce or completely eliminate bad odors occurring especially in Wastewater Pumping Stations and Wastewater Treatment Plants. Units where bad smell occurs; lift(pump) stations, entrance structures, grid/screen structures, sludge thickening and digesting tanks, sludge dewatering units, transportation and storage of dewatered sludge. The main source of the odor seen in the Wastewater Treatment Plants is the gases formed as a result of the breakdown of chemicals and organic substances that come with wastewater.

The main chemical compounds that cause bad smell are:

  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
  • Ammonia (NH3)
  • Sulfur dioxide (SO2)
  • Nox Components

In this context, ATECH provides design and installation services for odor removal with Biofilters, Scrubber units.

New Tech Sludge Solutions

There are differences in the physical and chemical structures of liquids and sludges from industry, energy, infrastructure studies. It requires expertise and technology to dry the muds and prepare the dried muds formed as a result of drying as an alternative fuel for the plants that require energy, especially the cement industry.

Atech ensures that it is used as an alternative fuel by drying and pretreating the sludge with waste disposal, and also contributes to recyclable energy recovery. Sludge Drying and Waste Disposal in the area of ​​Turkey’s Leading Company ATECH Meet with a licensed professional solutions.

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