About Us

About Us

Atech Process Inc.

Atech Treatment and Laboratory Inc. consists of 2 business units, Engineering and Accredited Laboratory Services. Engineering Unit; In the field of environmental technologies, it provides project & engineering services in Turkey&Foreign countries domestic and industrial wastewater treatment, bringing drinking and utility water to desired limits, sludge disposal, wastewater recovery, water-borne odor removal.

Accredited Laboratory Unit provides analysis services on water and wastewater in the accredited laboratory approved by TURKAK and the MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT & URBANIZATION.

Our Vision

Technological solutions that result in a more livable environment that we can leave to future generations with our work ethic, honesty and respect.

Our Mission

  • To spread the awareness of solution partner that comes to mind first for our customers in all business lines we operate,
  • To be the first company to apply new generationn technologies in our sectors.

Our Values

Customers, Our Business Partners, Our Employees, Our Natural Environment

Quality Policy

ATECH Process A.S. as a company, our main goal is to be a leading, dynamic and reliable organization in the sector by always keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront and ensuring continuous development. We are aware and conscious of our responsibilities in health, safety and environmental issues when planning the quality, cost and timing of the work we do. With this awareness, an Integrated Management System covering the requirements of TS EN ISO 9001, TS EN ISO 14001 and TS ISO 45001 has been established in order to fulfill our environmental obligations for a sustainable world, provide a safe working area for everyone and achieve our quality, environmental and occupational health/safety goals. We accept and commit;

  • To work with a team focused on customer satisfaction, experienced and whose competence is constantly improved in order to achieve the goals,
  • To encourage the participation and leadership of all employees by providing the necessary information and resources,
  • To fulfill the legal regulations, standards and contractual requirements,
  • To follow the best practices in the fields of quality, environment and occupational health/safety,
  • To work in harmony and coordination on health, safety, environment issues with the companies we serve
  • To assess the health and environmental risks that may occur in the work area to have the necessary equipment ready in terms of health, safety and environment, and not to start the work without taking proactive measures,
  • To provide employee participation and consultation opportunities in decision-making processes related to occupational health and safety,
  • To support the use of sustainable resources while carrying out our activities,
  • To keep the pollution resulting from our activities at the lowest level.